AS Team: Meet Leo Cho


Meet Leo Cho a 5th year at Cal State Fullerton. Although not an accounting major, being in Accounting Society, he has gained many opportunities while being in the club. He has been in the club for a year now and has already held positions on the board such as: Membership Chair, Social Media Chair, Marketing Director, and Peer to Peer Chair. All have helped him develop professionally and has helped him in his marketing career as well. He was happy to take on an executive board position as the Director of Operations for the Fall 2017 semester. Aside from being on both the board and executive board, he has built a network within the club, and from that network he was able to acquire his current internship at SOXHUB, a SOX compliance software company. With the knowledge he gained while being in Accounting Society, he transitioned in a lot smoother because of what he knew about accounting.



Our first blog post

Hello everyone!

We decided to launch this blog to give our members and the public a more in-depth look on what goes on in CSUF’s Accounting Society. We will also be featuring personal testimonials on some members and opportunities Accounting Society gave them.

To start, here is an introduction to our executive board(from left to right):

Leo Cho – Director of Operations

Mary Greene  – VP of Membership

Elvin Paik – Recording Secretary

Jenny Tran – Executive Vice President

Katherine Diep – President

Jocelyn Lee – Treasurer

Tiffanie Bui (not pictured) – VP of Correspondence